Celebrate the Christian Year

This page will be an ongoing project. I’m going to be compiling and posting for you some of the many ideas I’ve discovered and used over the years to help our family and other families discover the richness of celebrating the Christian Year.

I know of no other way to teach children the story of the life of Christ, and indeed the broad sweep of the Story of Redemption, than celebrating the Church Year, every year. When I taught Bible in a Christian school, the students who best grasped that the story of the Bible is one Story, rather than a collection of stories, were the children who were in liturgical churches. They understood it because they experienced it, every year.

So experience the life of Christ by joining with the collective experience of the church around the world and across the centuries.

Overview of the Christian Year

St. Nicholas Day
St. Lucy’s Day

Christmas Eve
The Twelve Days of Christmas

Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras

Ash Wednesday
Holy Week
Passover Seder
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday


Trinity Sunday
World Communion Sunday
All Saints’ Eve (Halloween)/Reformation
All Saints’ Day

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