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What's wrong with "D"?

I’m not talking about the grade in American schools. Let the record reflect that I am not advocating poor grades in school. I am referring to the letter “d” that comes at the end of many participial adjectives. At least … Continue reading

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How to Sound Like a Complete Idiot

(This post is in honor of National Grammar Day.) The ability to speak and write like a complete idiot is, apparently, extremely important in today’s society.  The more student papers I read, the more I find that they have learned … Continue reading

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The Great O Antiphons: O Radix Jesse

3.  O Radix Jesse (O Root of Jesse) — Dec. 19 Pray: “O Root of Jesse, rising as a sign for all the peoples, before you earthly rulers will keep silent, and nations give you honor:  Come quickly to deliver … Continue reading

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In Italian, as in Latin, the letter i at the end of a word denotes a plural.  That means that, no, you are not “an alumni” of West Central North Jefferson Technical College, you are an alumnus (or an alumna, … Continue reading

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You can say “TH” after “S.”

This post is related to this one. “PH” says “F,” not “P,” so it’s ophthalmologist, not “opthalmologist,” and certainly not “optomologist.” In the same way, “th” says “th”, not “t,” in “anesthesia,” “anesthetist,” and “anesthetic.”? The same is true for … Continue reading

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A little diction lesson . . .

Psst . . . hey, Bill Keneely: Dude, you’re from New Jersey. Quit trying to be all colloquial and “get on our level.” It’s not working. Mobile, Alabama is not near the Appalachians or the Ozarks. Stop emphasizing both syllables … Continue reading

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I know you’re out there. I can here your mouses (mice?) clicking. So Hole Foods and Outside Meat don’t do it for you, apparently. (I, on the other hand, always specifically request lots o’ outside meat.) Maybe this will get … Continue reading

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