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How to Sound Like a Complete Idiot

(This post is in honor of National Grammar Day.) The ability to speak and write like a complete idiot is, apparently, extremely important in today’s society.  The more student papers I read, the more I find that they have learned … Continue reading

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No Silly Putty TV, please.

We finally bit the bullet (with the help of our Recovery-Act-fueled welfare check tax “refund”) and bought a High Definition TV.  One of the things that influenced this decision was that we were tired of being able to see only … Continue reading

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RevJATB’s Explanation of the Zombies Game on Facebook

From a recent IM chat: JATB: you click on “bite some chumps” and it shows all your friends who aren’t zombies yet. So you bite ’em. JATB: If they add the thingie, they become zombies too. JATB: And you get … Continue reading

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Art history lesson

Courtesy of Kurt Kilpatrick. (Dates corrected for you art history sticklers!) “Monet died at 86, Degas died at 83, Renoir at 78, Gauguin at 55, Van Gogh at 37 and Seurat at 32, which proves that First Impressionists last the … Continue reading

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No, I said it right the first time!

Sonic, you and I have a problem. And I’m not just talking about the HFCS in your soft drinks.

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Foreign Policy Coup

President Bush, in a surprising move today, appointed an expert to a new position: Sub-Secretary of State for Middle East Relations. The President’s choice is a native of the Middle East who has lived in North America for many years, … Continue reading

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Virginiaca Hastings

I apologize in advance.

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