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What's wrong with "D"?

I’m not talking about the grade in American schools. Let the record reflect that I am not advocating poor grades in school. I am referring to the letter “d” that comes at the end of many participial adjectives. At least … Continue reading

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No Silly Putty TV, please.

We finally bit the bullet (with the help of our Recovery-Act-fueled welfare check tax “refund”) and bought a High Definition TV.  One of the things that influenced this decision was that we were tired of being able to see only … Continue reading

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The very idea!

Trick-or-Treating has died down now at the house.  Actually, the doorbell just rang as I was typing that first sentence, but it’s after 8:30 p.m., we have unplugged the orange Halloween lights on the porch, turned off the porch light … Continue reading

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Child Abuse

There.  That got your attention, didn’t it?  Well, I saw an example of it last night. Job #2, as many of you know, is at a restaurant.  I work three shifts a week, and whereas I was a delivery person … Continue reading

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Did I spell that correctly? Things have been pretty heavy around here for the past several days.  Dealing with a lot of things.  Sorry about the paucity of blogitude on here lately.  Thank you so much for those of you … Continue reading

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Facebook is not improving its grammar!

From my mini-feed the other day: “John is improving their vocabulary!” Do they get chimps to write this stuff or something?

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Musicians who really don’t need to practice, still practice. Those who really, really need to practice, don’t practice.

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