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God vs. Baal? Really?

[The following is a response to an editorial in Sunday’s (11/27/2011) Ruston Leader. Since I could not contact the original author to discuss this personally (he is on vacation all week) I decided not to send this in to the … Continue reading

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Inexcusable – UPDATED

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, left, right, center, or none of the above, if this doesn’t upset you, there is something wrong with you.  Whatever happened to teaching children about freedom of speech?  Heck, whatever happened to teaching … Continue reading

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Maybe he meant to say "I am Captain Hook"

When Nixon made his famous “I am not a crook” statement, he was standing in the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World.

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McCain rejects Hagee endorsement.

My estimation of McCain just went up by about 3000%. Even before the weird comments about Hitler surfaced, McCain had a really, really good reason to reject Hagee’s endorsement: Hagee is a nutburger. I’ve never seen or heard Hagee preach … Continue reading

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Being a good steward vs. just being plain cheap

Ben Witherington has a great article today on the expensive cost of cheap goods. Read it. It’s worth your time. When I was a teenager in the 1980s, it was common amongst Christians to hear the complaint that “we’ve become … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy Coup

President Bush, in a surprising move today, appointed an expert to a new position: Sub-Secretary of State for Middle East Relations. The President’s choice is a native of the Middle East who has lived in North America for many years, … Continue reading

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Food (?) for thought . . .

There has been a case of Mad Cow Disease reported in Alabama. Alabama, not England, not Canada. Good ole, two-states-away, we-dare-defend-our-rights Alabama. When Mad Cow Disease started being reported in the UK several years ago, all I knew about the … Continue reading

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