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Weekend Update

Not the SNL sketch:  just an update on my weekend at SU’s Homecoming. UPDATED UPDATE – Samford has a great slide show from Homecoming weekend here. This was the very first Homecoming I’ve been able to attend in 19 years.  … Continue reading

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The Whole Truth about White Lily Flour

The New York Times claims to have “all the news that’s fit to print.”  Well, this won’t be the first time a retraction is in order from that venerable publication. The Grey Lady caused True Southerners all over this great … Continue reading

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I think I know exactly who this is.

SU people, read this story. I think I know exactly who this is.  My roommate had a famous/infamous run-in with him.  I seem to recall a colorful conversation Chip had with him too (do you remember him, Chip?).  We called … Continue reading

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Is it all over for the Wunderkind?

If you watched AI last night, you may be wondering that too. All the media outlets have been buzzing about David Archuleta.? They’ve been saying he’s a shoe-in to win this year, hands down. Last night, I think all that … Continue reading

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Presbyterian Church Burns to the Ground

Laurel Mass? has called our attention to the fires in California and calls on us all to pray. So does Mark Roberts, and he notes that Malibu Presbyterian Church has burned to the ground. Here are two pictures of what … Continue reading

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An amazing story you need to go read.

Back when I was at SU, I was in the vocal jazz ensemble (which, I must humbly add, I had the honor of naming: The Samford Vocal League) with a girl named Jena. Jena and Cat (whom I believe has … Continue reading

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Good job, Sara

Looks like you had the same issue I had: ringing in. It’s kind of like a big video game, isn’t it? The ones who get the hang of ringing in right when those lights go on, not a split second … Continue reading

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