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Christmas Music Manifesto

Since yesterday was Gaudete Sunday, I’ve personally lightened up and have actually had the radio on the “all Christmas music, all the time” station a few times yesterday and today. In that brief time, I’ve already heard all I want … Continue reading

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Review: Churched by Matthew Paul Turner

When Matthew Paul Turner was five, his parents informed him that they were becoming Baptists.  And not just your regular-old, run-of-the-mill, Just-As-I-Am, Billy-Graham-type Baptists, either.  Independent Fundamental Baptists.  The kind that think the Southern Baptists are liberal.  The kind that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner

Matthew Turner is a friend of mine whom I’ve never met, something that is possible in this day of social media. Not long after I “met” Matthew, a series of conversations revealed that we had much in common: we both … Continue reading

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No Silly Putty TV, please.

We finally bit the bullet (with the help of our Recovery-Act-fueled welfare check tax “refund”) and bought a High Definition TV.  One of the things that influenced this decision was that we were tired of being able to see only … Continue reading

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You have to see it to believe it.

Saturday Night Live could not have come up with something this funny.  The best part is, it’s for real! I’m pretty safe in assuming that no one over at the Lawrence Welk Show knew what the word “toke” meant.

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I'm so proud.

My four-year-old just walked into the kitchen, saying this: “We were at the beach . . . everybody had matching towels . . . “

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On Spikiness

(To be sung to AURELIA. HT to Vrouw Jonker for this one.) Our church is mighty spikey with smells and bells and chants, And Palestrina masses that vex the Protestants. O happy ones and holy who fall upon their knees … Continue reading

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