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How to Sound Like a Complete Idiot

(This post is in honor of National Grammar Day.) The ability to speak and write like a complete idiot is, apparently, extremely important in today’s society.  The more student papers I read, the more I find that they have learned … Continue reading

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“PH” says “F”

Is it a “telepone”? No, it’s a telephone. So it’s not “dip-theria,” and it’s not “dip-thong” either. Diphtheria. Diphthong. Look at it. The same goes for ophthalmology and ophthalmologist.? Oph-thal-mol-o-gy.? Oph-thal-mol-o-gist.? There is no such thing as an “optomologist.” Thank … Continue reading

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On naming children: an angle I’d never thought about.

Josephine Hammond not long ago wrote an article for Onyx magazine discussing baby names in the African American community (of which Hammond is a member). I’ll let you read her article and her concerns about people giving their children “imaginative” … Continue reading

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No, I said it right the first time!

Sonic, you and I have a problem. And I’m not just talking about the HFCS in your soft drinks.

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Does anyone speak English anymore?

Last night on the news, the anchorwoman told us all how a thief “snuck” behind the counter at a jewelry shop (actually I think she said it was a “Jew-lery shop”) and stole some diamonds. My six-year-old knows better than … Continue reading

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“You know, Mr. President, it’s not ‘nuke-you-ler.’”

Dave Letterman once asked Ari Fleischer why he never took Mr. Bush aside and said this. Right, like someone would say that to the President. The fact is, we all have things that we say that are a little off … Continue reading

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A little diction lesson . . .

Psst . . . hey, Bill Keneely: Dude, you’re from New Jersey. Quit trying to be all colloquial and “get on our level.” It’s not working. Mobile, Alabama is not near the Appalachians or the Ozarks. Stop emphasizing both syllables … Continue reading

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