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Book Giveaway: Rekindling Advent

Readers of this blog have a chance to win a free copy of my new book, Rekindling Advent: Rediscovering the Season of Joyful Waiting, published by Doulos Resources. What? You haven’t heard of it yet? Well, here’s your chance to … Continue reading

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Christmas Music Manifesto

Since yesterday was Gaudete Sunday, I’ve personally lightened up and have actually had the radio on the “all Christmas music, all the time” station a few times yesterday and today. In that brief time, I’ve already heard all I want … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different . . . a shandy.

I was going to post this last night, but then I thought it would be better to put Part II of the two-part post on forgiveness up.  I didn’t think a serious post about forgiveness should be interrupted with a … Continue reading

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My personal, embarrassingly dumb mondegreen.

In case you’ve never seen or heard the term, mondegreens are misheard lyrics, such as the famous “‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy” instead of “‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky” from “Purple Haze.” There are many, many … Continue reading

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Will work for miles and/or points!

As some of you know, we are planning a big trip in December of this year.  Usually, the only big trips we all take are to my parents’ house, which is a 7-8 hour drive (that includes our frequent stops) … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts . . .

. . . are eluding me. I know my loyal readers (both of them) have been clamoring for another post, but frankly I haven’t come up with anything interesting to write about. I will, however, make a couple of recommendations … Continue reading

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I was just reading about this year’s Golden Spurtle winner.  Now I want some porridge. I love me some porridge.  Here are some fun facts about porridge.  (Unlike Late Show Fun Facts, these are actually factual, to the best of … Continue reading

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