When did all the wrecks become “crashes”?

I get several updates on Twitter that tell me about a “crash on I-59,” etc.  On the news everyday, we hear about some “car crash” on the highway somewhere.

When I read “crash on I-59,” my mind’s eye envisions an airplane that has made a crash landing on the interstate.

I say wreck.  Car wreck, train wreck.  Plane crash, yes, because a plane plummets from the sky and crashes to the ground.  But it has always been for me car wreck and train wreck.  I used to hear “car wreck” from the media too.

When did all the wrecks become crashes?


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7 Responses to Crash?

  1. MK says:

    And when did a soldier become a troop? We used to hear that 7 soldiers were killed. Now it’s 7 troops.
    And when did a case of swine flu become an outbreak? The other day I heard the news media report something like “There were 5 new outbreaks of the swine flu in Texas.” No, there were 5 new cases.

  2. RevJATB says:

    Before I caught on to the newsspeak that “troop” somehow equaled “individual soldier,” I would hear that we had sent 20,000 troops somewhere and wonder to myself, “OK, how many soldiers are in a troop of soldiers, and how many soldiers in all would 20,000 troops be?”

    How an individual case counts as an outbreak is also a mystery to me. But then again ketchup was classified as a vegetable when we were in school.

  3. Cap'n says:

    To be read aloud with one’s best “James Lipton” voice:

    The lightning flashed and the thunder crashed,
    And around the corner a hobo dashed.

    From his pocket a knife he drew,
    And split a banana half in two.

    ‘Round here, no crash on the news is not a “grisly crash.” Grisly crime. Grisly discovery. Rain precipitation (ooooo, that’s another one).

  4. RevJATB says:

    I haven’t heard “rain precipitation,” but “rain showers” bugs me just as much.

  5. Mo says:

    Department of Redundancy Department, may I help you?

  6. Andrea says:

    How ’bout ‘flood waters?’ Can’t stand it, tho I know I’ve said it over the years. Not a big fan of ‘pickup truck,’ either. I would argue, tho not passionately, that all pickups are trucks. I could go on, but as a member of the media, maybe I should just back out of the room slowly.

  7. RevJATB says:

    Andrea, welcome! I’m enjoying following you on Twitter so much! Glad you stopped by the blog. Hope we get to see you here often.

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