Oh no.

Allison has to go.  I’m sorry to see that.  I guess Danny has a more energized fan base, but I find him kind of a “blah” singer.  Not bad, just “blah.” Kind of like the guy who played Potsie on “Happy Days”:  nice enough voice, but not unique enough to make someone want to rush out and buy a recording.  Kris has shown throughout that he can be original with a song.  Danny has been kind of a wedding singer, something none of the judges has seemed to pick up on.

Well, Chris Daughtry came in fourth and did well.  Much better than the winner that year:  Taylor Hicks.  If Danny goes through and wins this thing, I predict a similar outcome:  Adam, Kris, and Allison will all be more successful than he will be as recording artists.


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2 Responses to Oh no.

  1. Cap'n says:

    You missed mentioning what is obviously the event of the decade: Paula Abdul’s new single. (I did JUST manage to type that with a straight face.)

    You know, competitions of all kinds often end up with the person who came in fourth being surprisingly successful later on.

    Danny has an interesting, smokey voice, and he sings with wide range of dynamics (the lack of which I think is a bit of a flaw with Allison–and for that matter Taylor Hicks). But, my, that last note scream last night was heard around the world, I think. (*grin*)

    I’m conflicted about Adam because I do not think his high notes are stylistically appropriate to most of the songs he’s chosen spanning the season. BUT, given the right sorts of new songs on an album, he’ll be spectacular.

  2. Agreed. Danny is a somewhat blah singer. He’s getting mighty close to “Karoke” on several of his songs. Adam is already a superstar and doesn’t need Idol to be HUGE. Allison is phenomenal for a 16/17 yr old and with some growth and confidence will do well. Kris has come a long way. It wasn’t that long ago I was saying, “Kris who?” Now I’m rooting for him.

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