Since I know so many NASCAR fans read my blog.

As this weekend is the Aaron’s Dream Weekend at Talladega, sportscasters around the country will do doubt be telling America about the goings-on in “Talladayga.”

It has never, never, never been “Talladayga.”  The only people who pronounce it “Talladayga” are the people who have never been to Talladega.

That third vowel in that name has a range of pronunciation from long e as in “keep” to short e as in “pet” to short i as in “trip.” Most often, it is the middle one, so it sounds like “Talladegga,” although “Talladeega” and “Talladigga” are said by locals fairly commonly.

But never, never, never “Talladayga.”

Thank you for your time.


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5 Responses to Talladega

  1. Cap'n says:

    I want to hear BBC’s Alastair Yates pronounce it “Tallerday-GAH.”

    Years ago, someone was 100 years old in Sylacauga, AL. Willard Scott tried every possible pronunciation but the right one when sending greetings to her. OH, them crazy Indian (er, Native American) names!

  2. Mo says:

    And while you’re at it, tell everybody that “realtor” is a TWO syllable word … and “frustrated” doesn’t have an L in it.

    Oh, forget it.

  3. Cap'n says:

    I heard “Talladiego” once (as in Diego Rivera).

    Or was that those stiny cigars that George Wallace always smoked?

  4. Cap'n says:


    (still going farsighted)

  5. Cap'n says:

    Did “Junior” win? I didn’t pay attention.

    My favorite “Talla-” name is Tallapoosa, BTW.

    Can’t hold a candle to them belle Cajun names, sho’ ’nuff, I declare.

    (OK, I’m trying to prod you.)

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