I don't think the contestants are sitting around copying out horn parts.

The judges criticized Kris last night for the horn arrangement.  As if he sat up and did a horn arrangement over the weekend?  Come on, a little reality in our reality TV, please.

People on the blogs are talking about how AI is “pimping” Adam.  I think if they’re pimping anyone, it’s Danny.  That rendition of “Stand by Me” was so cheesy, I think it is being released on the Kraft label.  And they fawned all over him for it!  Puh-leeze.

Who should go this week?  In my opinion, Scott.  It just wasn’t good, Scott.  Just wasn’t good at all.


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One Response to I don't think the contestants are sitting around copying out horn parts.

  1. Cap'n Whook says:

    . . . and looking up transpositions. 🙂

    This might get me in trouble with the I F Triple-A Double-B S (International Federation of Abused Accompanists, Arrangers, Bands, and Backup Singers), but the band hasn’t sounded as good, and the arrangements (on their end) aren’t working as well, as in the past. I keep thinking something’s up with the sound levels, too. (Do they leave all the knobs set for Adam’s voice?)

    Scott is a wonderful musician, but he must work on his singing, and what needs fixing will take longer than is left for the show. (Yea, yea, Gigli never stopped studying–I’m talking the quickie tweak.) He has a tendency to start better than he finishes, also.

    Danny has the musicianship to pull it all together–he may just do it, but time is starting to run out! Generally, Kris and Allison seem the most polished to me. Matt’s somewhere between them and Danny. Adam is, er, well, Adam (and probably will win).

    We’re getting a rather stubbly year with the men. (I have no room to criticize: nevertheless, what was up with Danny’s latest “fang” goatee?) Aside from trendiness, this may have to do with looking masculine enough in all the airbrush makeup everybody must wear in the age of digital TV!

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