I was just reading about this year’s Golden Spurtle winner.  Now I want some porridge.

I love me some porridge.  Here are some fun facts about porridge.  (Unlike Late Show Fun Facts, these are actually factual, to the best of my knowledge.)

  • According to tradition, porridge should only be stirred with a spirtle, not a spoon, as the flat part of the spoon can tear cooked porridge apart.  (I prefer the finer Scottish porridge–like this, but I also wish I had some of these) to the kind with big pieces, and a spoon works just fine with that kind.)
  • Also according to tradition, porridge should only be stirred with the right hand and in a clockwise direction.
  • Porridge aficionados will tell you that it must be eaten standing up, and with a bone spoon.
  • Scottish crofters (tenant farmers) once had a special drawer in the kitchen called a porridge drawer.  it would be filled with fresh, warm porridge.  Once it had cooled and set up, the porridge would be cut into squares that the crofters could take with them to eat while they worked.  Thus, the Scots introduced snacking to the world.

So the Germans gave us trousers, but the Scots gave us snacks.  To whom do we owe the bigger debt of gratitude?


About revjatb

I am a father of six who is trying to do his best! My interests are varied. I have one blog, KnowTea, that is primarily focused on liturgy and worship and another one, Bengtsson's Baking, that is about, well, baking! I hope you enjoy both of them, and if you have any questions, please contact me!
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3 Responses to Porridge

  1. Cap'n Whook says:

    “Should your heart feel like an empty chasm, give your snack bowl of uplifting porridge a clockwise stir with bespirtled enthusiasm.”

    “I’ll have to study each and every link, but unstop first, I must, the kitchen sink.”

    [I’m going to have to start charging for these sayings, you know.]

  2. Cap'n Whook says:

    Oh, I misused the snack concept in my sayin’–it’s really sort of like rice crispy squares.

    What can I say . . . I hurriedly read this entry between plunge 1 & 2 while also looking up proper dishwasher drain attachment–don’t ask!

  3. cancerman says:

    I’ll take snacks over trousers.

    BTW the English invented bermuda shorts with dark socks and loafers, I’m sure of it.

    “If it’s not Scottish it’s crap!”

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