Good things about Arkansas.

Cap’n Whook just made a comment below about the Alabama game, to which I made a reply about the 35-point spread.  BTW, this was the largest margin of victory in the SEC since ‘Bama clobbered Ole Miss 42-7 back in 2002.  Kind of like the time the Samford College Bowl team clobbered Ole Miss back in 1988, but I digress.  (They came prissing in the room with their little matching business suits and briefcases.  Puh-lease!  If they’d had 10% as much intellect as they had attitude, they may have had a chance against us.  But I digress even further, and parenthetically at that.)

But let us not forget that we owe a lot to Arkansas.  Bill Clinton is from Arkansas.

And the toothbrush was invented in Arkansas.

If it had been invented anywhere else, it would have been called the teethbrush.


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17 Responses to Good things about Arkansas.

  1. RevJATB says:

    And they’re headed for Athens next week, Cancerman. Be afraid.

  2. Cap'n Whook says:

    Now, you’re just lobbing softballs here. TOOTHbrush is accurate!

    I had forgotten about College Bowl. Excellent Jeopardy! preparation, I’m sure. Yes, I did see that when it originally aired (almost choked on a snack I was eating when you were introduced).

  3. cancerman says:

    I’d be more afraid if Arkansas could beat anybody.

  4. RevJATB says:

    David, I’m glad (?) you caught my losing appearance on Jeopardy! Still trying to live that one down . . .

    The teethbrush reference was not about the inaccuracy of the word. It’s just that no one in Arkansas would need a teethbrush, just as a one-legged man doesn’t need a pair of shoes.

  5. RevJATB says:

    Cancerman–Now Arkansas did beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Once.

    Granted, that was in 1969 . . .

  6. Cap'n Whook says:

    I meant toothbrush is accurate because everybody in Arkansas only has one tooth. But then, that’s what you meant. Sometimes I try to be too clever for my own good . . . call it a burden. 🙂

    I think it is good form to blame the Jeopardy! buzzer (like shooting poison glances at an accompanist for one’s singing mistakes).

  7. Cap'n Whook says:

    BTW, the radio call-in blabbers are already saying Alabama will win the National Championship. (That aberrant [?], shaky performance against Tulane can, no doubt, be attributed to Tulane’s having practiced under the Sacred Bubble [SU] while Gustav was striking.)

  8. RevJATB says:

    Cap’n – No lie! Getting the hang of “ringing in” on J! was a bear! The darned thing won’t work until a row of lights around the board comes on ( the lights are never shown on TV). One must ring in as soon as the lights come on, not before, not after. As soon as the first person rings in, everyone else is locked out. If the first person misses, then the others have to wait again for those darned lights to come on. It soon becomes a game of “This time I’m going to be the first to ring in, no matter what!” Hence all the wrong answers/questions you hear. People often end up ringing in even when they don’t have a clue, just to try to be the first.

    And it didn’t help that the returning champ the day I played was a retired Navy officer and one of the categories was Nautical Terms. But of course the categories are totally chosen at random.

    Did they have a Bible category my day? A Composers of the Renaissance category? A Jazz Singers Lore category? I think not.

  9. cancerman says:

    I believe the last time Ark beat us was the 1975 Cotton bowl when we used a very ill advised shoe string play. (The announcers called it before it happened.)

    I think you have to go back to the dark days of Ray Goff to find a Crimson Tide victory over us.

  10. Cap'n Whook says:

    You can get hit upside the head by flying Silver Asian carp in Arkansas.

    Yea, you don’t hear this exchange much on J!:
    “Who are Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht?”
    “Correct for $1,000.”

  11. RevJATB says:

    I know. Not one question had anything to do with Lotte Lenya.

  12. cancerman says:

    I had a Lotte Lenya at the UGA dining hall one time. I was sick for a week. Thank you very much and Go Dawgs!

  13. lisa Gunnufsen says:

    Ahhh! Not everyone in Arkansas was a fan of Bill Clinton! We lived in Jonesboro for 5 years and it was a very nice little college town. Nice people who even wear shoes! Having lived in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas, I find humor in how those of us in one Southern state try to make themselves look better by talking bad about the others! Happened everywhere we lived! Just human nature, I guess! Probably happens up North too! Enjoying your blog!

  14. RevJATB says:

    Hi Lisa! And Welcome!

    Yeah, I’ve heard the teethbrush joke told about West Virginia and Kentucky too. I’m sure in those states they tell it about Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and who knows where else.

    It’s funny to me how both in Louisiana and in Alabama, the phrase “Thank God for Mississippi” is common, usually in reference to education rankings. But the rankings are different depending on which list one is looking at and what criteria they use. One list I saw had Louisiana at 50, another had Mississippi at 50, still another had Arizona (!) at 50. (Sweet home Alabama seemed to be holding the line on most lists at a stellar 44 or 45. Look out, West Virginia! We’ve got your number!)

    In Sweden they tell Norwegian jokes, and in Norway they tell Swede jokes: it’s universal.

    P.S. Do you know why there’s no more ice water on the sidelines at Auburn games? The player with the recipe was a senior, and he graduated last year.

  15. Mo says:

    War Eagle, John. War Eagle.

    A lady in Tuscaloosa calls 911. Hysterically, she says,”Someone’s just broke into my house, and I think he’s going to rob me!”
    The police officer says, “We’re really busy at the moment. Just get the guy’s jersey number and we’ll get back to you.”

    Q: What is Nick Saban’s biggest concern?
    A: Does the NCAA count bail money as a recruiting violation?

    Q: What do you call a drug ring in Tuscaloosa ?
    A: A huddle

    Q: Four Alabama football players in a car, who’s driving?
    A: The police
    Q: Why can’t most of the Alabama players get into a huddle on the field?
    A: It is a parole violation to associate with known felons.
    ____________ _______

    The Alabama team has adopted a new Honor System:
    “Yes, your Honor; No, your Honor”.


    The Tide is expecting a 7-6 season this year.
    7 Arrests, 6 convictions.

    Q: How did the Tide spend the first week of Spring Training?
    A: Studying their Miranda Rights

  16. Cap'n Whook says:

    Once AU gets the recipe back, stirring the ice water will require good coaching! 🙂

  17. Mo says:

    Ice water? What’s ice water?

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