Creative Liturgy

From an old book I used to have entitled 101 Things To Do During a Boring Sermon.  Create your own liturgy.


Hello, Dolly!  Well, hello, Dolly!

It’s so nice to have you back where you belong.

You’re lookin’  swell, Dolly.

We can tell, Dolly.

You’re still growin’ you’re still crowin’,  you’re still goin’  strong.

And also with you.


About revjatb

I am a father of six who is trying to do his best! My interests are varied. I have one blog, KnowTea, that is primarily focused on liturgy and worship and another one, Bengtsson's Baking, that is about, well, baking! I hope you enjoy both of them, and if you have any questions, please contact me!
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15 Responses to Creative Liturgy

  1. Cap'n Whook says:

    Louie Louie, oh no.
    Louie Louie, oh brethran.

    Shelly West’s “Jose Cuervo” (remenber that one?) has potential.

  2. Ed Eubanks says:

    Hilarious– I gave my sister that book one Christmas. My favorites were “Rapture Bingo” and “Not the Rapture Bingo.”

    This post reminds me of a discussion my friend Jon had about the phrase “root down” from the hip-hop scene. He wrote his own liturgy with that:
    Minister: So how you gonna kick it?
    Congregation: Gonna kick it root down.

    And also of a fun and slightly strange contextual appropriation a youth minister friend did regularly with his youth group. At the end of a prayer it went like this:
    Hip youth guy: And all God’s people said…
    Youth Group: WORD!

  3. Ed Eubanks says:

    How about something like U2’s “Vertigo”:

    Pastor: Hallo, hallo…

    People: I’m at a place called vertigo

    Pastor: It’s everything I wish I didn’t know

    People: But you give me something I could feel

    Pastor: Therefore, with the angels and with all the saints, we proclaim and sing your glory:

    All: FEEL!

  4. Mo says:

    The force be with you

    … and also with you.

  5. Cap'n Whook says:

    Well it’s Sunday morning, and the sun is shining.


    Excessive libation can lead to ruination.


    And also did I.


  6. Cap'n Whook says:

    I had forgotten how tacky this was (came out in 1983). How do I even remember this?

  7. Mo says:

    What a manly voice!

  8. RevJATB says:

    I get to hear that on the radio lots, because we now have a “classic country” station. That’s on the more recent end of what they play. Lots of George & Tammy, etc. And yes, they play all 64 verses of Marty Robbins’ “El Paso.”

  9. Cap'n Whook says:

    You mean you don’t get to hear the really good newer ones like John Michael Montgomery’s “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)!” GROAN. Does the station play lots of Willie? One day that hole in his guitar is going to swallow him up, you know!

    Now watch it: for my spoof profile on the Piano World Forum I put down Lithuanian Folk Music, George Jones, and Mariachi for “What types of music do you like?” I’m a country squire living south of Canada and have interests in Noodling, Turkey Calling, and Number Painting, BTW. Oh, and I’m a virtuoso at playing the bumbass. 🙂

  10. cancerman says:

    Go Dawgs!

    SIC ‘EM!

    ALL : Woof Woof Woof

  11. Cap'n Whook says:

    Somehow a liturgical adaptation of “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer” alludes me!

  12. cancerman says:

    I picture something like this:

    And God smiled upon the people and sent forth the Bear. And Bear begat Namath and together they brought forth victory…
    And then Bear ascended into the heavens. Alas the people had grown proud so God sent them Perkins and Curry to humble them…
    And God heard their cries and sent forth Stallings to save them. And Stallings brought forth victory.
    Yet God sent forth Spurrier to smite them and Fulmer to afflict them…

    and all the people said “ROLL TIDE”

  13. Cap'n Whook says:

    . . . and DuBose and Price to embarrass them . And Francioni to betray them. And Tubby to taunt them with fingers, for the people had yet again grown proud or spoiled or stupid. 🙂

    Michael, row the boat ashore, hallelujah.

    [The locals have been laughing about the dinghy interview for two weeks.]

  14. Cap'n Whook says:

    I left out Mike Shula . . .

    And Mike Shula to perplex them by running Darby up the middle on every first down.

  15. cancerman says:

    Shula also amazed the people with Brodie Croyle to Tommy Poythress. (The most amazing catch ever.)

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