I need to post something.

I haven’t been on here in a month o’ Sundays.  My loyal readership has no doubt gone elsewhere seeking intellectual stimulation.  (As long as that’s all you’re seeking on the Interwebs.  There’s lots o’ bad stuff out there, people.)

For breakfast, with my usual hard-cooked egg and green tea, I had toast made from homemade whole-wheat bread, which in turn was made from home-ground, organic, soft white winter wheat.  I topped it with a little homemade, organic butter.  The organic buttermilk that was left over from the butter making process yesterday went into homemade pancakes last night (made with the aforementioned home-ground flour, and topped with the also-aforementioned homemade butter and pure maple syrup).  Now if we only had a cow and some chickens, we’d never have to buy anything at the store.  🙂

I’ve not been so obsessed with blogging lately as I’ve been obsessed with learning Finale PrintMusic, which is my new best friend.  I got “Welcome, Child of Mary” in shape with it and sent it off to Augsburg Fortress a couple of days ago.  You can now submit stuff electronically, but it still takes 3 months to get a decision.  Pity.  Now, I’m working on a long-overdue arrangement of “Das Vaterunser.” Don’t worry, SU people, it’s pretty much the same, but I’m actually writing out my piano part (instead of just the chord symbols) and re-harmonizing the penultimate stanza (the one that we usually sang unaccompanied).  I mean, if I don’t do something to it, then it’s not exactly my arrangement, and I can’t exactly submit it anywhere, can I?  Yeah, I did do the English text.  Woo hoo.  But that’s not enough for it to count as an arrangement in a publisher’s eyes.

I’ve had so much fun with PrintMusic, I even found an old Two-Part Invention I did for Theory (either Theory 5, 6, or 7, whichever one required us to write a two-part invention).  I had gotten an A on it, but I had (gasp!)  parallel 5ths in one measure.  So I corrected it and E-mailed it to Dr. Jensen, some 20 years later.  I sent a copy to “Uncle Don” too, for good measure, along with a copy of “Welcome, Child of Mary” as a way of saying “See, I’m still doing a little something in music, whenever I get the chance.”

Choir director types (Morris, Bryan, Chip, Billy, others who may read this ) and HS choral-director types (Allison and others), your choir wants to do my music!  They really, really do.  You really want to commission something too:  you just didn’t realize it until now.  You also want to commission a piece from me and have me come do a worship workshop with your congregation and/or a choral workshop with your choir.  You know you do.


About revjatb

I am a father of six who is trying to do his best! My interests are varied. I have one blog, KnowTea, that is primarily focused on liturgy and worship and another one, Bengtsson's Baking, that is about, well, baking! I hope you enjoy both of them, and if you have any questions, please contact me!
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11 Responses to I need to post something.

  1. Tim H says:

    RevJATB, It’s sounding great, but I coulda used a little more cowbell.

  2. Capt. Whook says:

    RevJATB wrote : “There’s lots o’ bad stuff out there, people.” Now, let’s see, who could be behind that? Would it be . . . . . . SATAN ?? (Miss Dana Carvey on SNL!)

    Lots of name dropping in this one. I’ll have to take great *paynes* as to what I say around here, no telling what cast of characters are now (always been?) lurking in the rhubarb! 🙂

    John, I take it you’re a Finale newbie? Are you dropping notes on staves from the tool palate or do you use a MIDI device? I have a 32-key, USB Edirol piece of–to put it politely–junk for monkeying around with a now old version of Finale Allegro for Christmas carol piano arrangements.

  3. RevJATB says:

    Welcome Back, Cap’n!

    Actually, Billy hasn’t been on here in a long, long time. I sent him an E-mail the other day, so we’ll see if he makes an appearance.

    I had a keyboard, but I got rid of it several months ago, long before I even thought about Finale, so I’m doing the point and click thing. But since it plays the pitch when I put it on the screen, it’s actually pretty easy.

    One of these days I may upgrade to Allegro or the full-fledged Finale, but for now PrintMusic is working very well for me, and the price was really, really low. (Probably because 2009 will be released in a few weeks, so they’re unloading all the copies of 2008 that they can.)

  4. cancerman says:

    Welcome back Mr. Kotter.

  5. Capt. Whook says:

    OH NO! Now, I’ll have that song in my head all evening.

    I often wake up in the morning with pseudo-auditory hallucinations, hearing what I played at the piano the night before. (And bed head looking like you know who!)

    John, did you consider that there may be no statute of limitations on the crime of parallel fifths or octaves? (For the uninitiated, that’s the compositional equivalent of having a hole in your sock or spinach between your front teeth.)

  6. cancerman says:

    Sorry about that Chief.

  7. Capt. Whook says:

    Oh, that’s OK. I exorcized Mr. Kotter by playing some Moe’s art. 🙂

  8. Mo says:

    Finally got a chance to print the pdf. I’ve been the lone ranger staff guy for the past week, and we’ve had hospital crises aplenty since the other two left for vacation. Looking forward to them being back.

    Will take it to the lovely wife (as a voice major she could outplay all but the top piano majors … and she’s really incredible now) and read through it … maybe this evening. I could do it by myself and get an idea. Will be much better with her reading.

  9. cancerman says:

    Ah the old pun on the classical composer trick.

  10. Capt. Whook says:

    I finally got around to playing through the opus you sent me. Now, I was fully prepared to give you the “nice job” comment while actually thinking, “this would be great lining for the bird cage.” Well, I lie. You see, I haven’t a bird, but I do have a trash can.

    But, I actually like it. Now, if I liked it, I was fully prepared to “doctor” it up with some articulatory nit pickiness and inventiveness. But, your invention has a singability about it that sort of plays itself. I hear the pianist and singer in it. So, my compliments: you’re now enshrined in my three-ring binder of quirky little pieces mostly pilfered from the internet.

  11. RevJATB says:

    Thanks, Captain. That is probably the only melody I have actually “picked out” on the piano. The first time I had to write an original melody, I was petrified. I figured, given that there are only twelve tones in our octave, by now all the good combinations had been taken.

    So usually when I’m trying to write an original melody (such as for “Welcome, Child of Mary”) I sing it, then write it down, rather than trying to pick it out on the piano.

    Glad you liked the invention. You would have liked it less with the parallel fifths still in it.

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