McCain rejects Hagee endorsement.

My estimation of McCain just went up by about 3000%.

Even before the weird comments about Hitler surfaced, McCain had a really, really good reason to reject Hagee’s endorsement:

Hagee is a nutburger.

I’ve never seen or heard Hagee preach that he wasn’t off on some nutty dispensational tangent. One of those charts-and-graphs-left-behind-hal-lindsey types.

I love this quote from Tony Campolo, from a sermon he gave to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in 2003:

I hear Christian radio denouncing poor Harry [Potter] who chooses the right friends and runs with the right crowd and does the right thing . . . Instead of preaching against Harry Potter I suggest that you people who are preachers start preaching against those really hot sellers in the Christian community, those Left Behind books. Nobody wants to say it. You are scared to attack the Left Behind books which are false theology and unbiblical to the core. And it is about time you stand up and say so.

I mean all of this stuff comes out of not only fundamentalism. It comes out of dispensationalism, which is a weird little form of fundamentalism that started like a hundred fifty years ago . . . Augustine doesn’t talk about it. Calvin, Luther, none of those people talk about it. Southern Seminary has now enshrined Calvin. Well, if you’re going to enshrine Calvin at least accept his eschatology, which would put Left Behind out of business tomorrow.

You tell ’em, Tony.

Of course, Paul makes an excellent point here. Nutburger or no nutburger, political endorsements should be considered beneath the office of the pulpit. When we step into worship on the Lord’s Day, we are reminded that we are citizens of the Kingdom of God, which transcends any other citizenship or allegiance. There is not an American flag in our sanctuary at our church any more than there is a Chinese flag. We are all citizens of God’s kingdom, no matter what our nationality or political affiliation.


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6 Responses to McCain rejects Hagee endorsement.

  1. PaulB says:

    Great Campolo quote! He sure got that one right.

  2. cancerman says:

    I totally agree with you.

  3. GuessWho says:

    Now, now, we mustn’t take work away from Kirk Cameron.

    And them thik ol’ Hairy Podder buks is gonna burn rite purdy on the bonfare wun day. 🙂

    In B’ham, a certain megachurch took out TV airtime following the Sunday local news during all the “Passion of Christ” hoopla. When that died down, they still had airtime and started all but saying vote Republican or else, which I thought was appalling.

  4. RevJATB says:

    GuessWho wrote: “We mustn’t take work away from Kirk Cameron.”

    I’m sure he will do just fine with the DVD residuals from “Groin Pains.” And yes I spelled that correctly. 🙂

    David, was that the church that had the infamous “Passion Ho” van I remember Rick and Bubba talking about?

  5. GuessWho says:

    Yes, I think. The van went trolleying around the cinema parking lot and deposited people at a coffee shop for a gentle ambush.

  6. RevJATB says:

    For those of you who are just tuning in, Rick and Bubba (whom we got to listen to when we lived in Hattiesburg, but alas no radio station carries them here) reported that said church (which, I believe, was attended by either Rick or Bubba at the time) had made a magnetic sign for the side of said van, which would transport people to said coffee shop. The sign read “Passion House,” which is the name they had given to the coffee house they were running.

    Well, they had to cut the magnetic sign at the place where the side door of the van opened, and they cut it between the “HO” and the “USE” of “HOUSE.” After the door got opened and closed several times during the evening, the “USE” bit fell off, leaving the church van to cruise around the parking lot trying to entice people to visit the “Passion Ho,” which I’m guessing was not exactly what they were going for.

    Although, it may have increased the number of takers they had.

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