So what happened?

So what happened on AI? No, I know the outcome: I watched it. I want to know why you all think everything came out the way it did.

Did everyone finally decide that David Archuleta only sings one type of song well (syrupy ballads) and they got tired of that?

AI’s demograpics reveal that its audience is actually slightly older now than in the past. Were the viewers determined not to have Teen Idol this time around and go for a more mature talent?

How much did Jeff Archuleta’s stage-parent antics sabotage his son’s chances?

Any other angles you want to bring in? Why do you think Cook won?

(BTW I’m glad Cook won. We were pulling for him last night.)


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3 Responses to So what happened?

  1. I wonder if it has something to do with this year’s mentors drawing an older crowd. The only sort of current artist I recall them having at all was Mariah Carey. The others: Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton, Andrew Lloyd Weber – these all appeal to an older-than-teenagers audience, and I’m thinking that might have tipped things for Cook.

  2. GuessWho says:

    David Cook has such a compelling human interest story, and appears to be such a genuinely nice guy with musical integrity, that I think many would not stand for seeing him (in their view) stabbed in the back by the judges. Cook’s core fans from early on, particularly, must have really burned up the phone lines. (I could only get through once.) I wonder to what degree he caught the “John Edwards” vote?

    I found the notion of singers knocking each other out with a song offensive. (A soprano could knock Victor Borge off the piano bench, but I digress.) I did think that David C. might lose because “Imagine” is such a revered song. David A.’s “intensity,” however, came off to me more as pandering. Others might have thought that, too.

    Fatigue from the “crashing child star syndrome” may have turned people off from voting for a young contestant. David A. does have a nice voice and Osmond charisma. (And a mouth a little like Edward G. Robinson [Dathan, “The Ten Commandments” ]. Sorry, sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  3. Eeyore says:

    I have to admit that I haven’t watched AI this season (or the last two, actually). Not that I don’t enjoy it, but my schedule just didn’t work for me to watch two nights in a row, so I gave up.

    So the only reason I was interested in watching at all (and did earlier check out some of the contestants on-line) was because so many people are blogging about it.

    And because of that, I did watch the final show last night. Seeing some of the twelve who didn’t make it to the final two, it seemed pretty obvious why they got sent home. After the show I watched all the clips of the two Davids on the AI site, and all the interviews of the two of them, to get a better sense of what they were like.

    I missed the whole stage dad thing–sounds like that’s a good thing to miss. So I don’t know what David A’s dad did, but for him to be banned means it must have been really awful. I feel sorry for David A. However, in watching him, I had to wonder if it’s dad that has made him the way he is. He has a great voice, but he does sing everything the same way, same facial expressions, same general stage presence. Whenever he was interviewed, he just seemed so. . . . uninteresting. Like he really needed to have someone provide him with a script. Possibly that’s what dad has been doing all along. At age 17, while that’s young, it’s not that young. I actually found myself thinking that he sounded much younger than 17–I know a lot of 17 year olds who are aticulate and engaging when they talk.

    David Cook, however, was so much fun to listen to, even when he was singing songs I didn’t know or didn’t particularly like. He seems to really enjoy singing and performing, and while he has a certain polish which comes across well, he just seems so very nice. Like someone I’d like to get to know better. His interviews were genuine and honest (or at least he seemed to be). His answers and comments seemed to be real and not designed to say what the interviewer wanted to hear.

    Anyway, watching the show, I was so glad that David C. won. And after I watched all the other songs he sang, I was even happier that he was the winner.

    Nice to see that all those millions who called in got it right.


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