So who's it gonna be?

Multiple choice:

a.  David A. vs. Syesha.

b.  David A. vs. David C.

c.  Syesha vs. David C.

Register your choices here folks.  Since we have David C.’s double on here, I especially would like to see what he has to say.

And everyone, please give reasons for your answer.


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I am a father of six who is trying to do his best! My interests are varied. I have one blog, KnowTea, that is primarily focused on liturgy and worship and another one, Bengtsson's Baking, that is about, well, baking! I hope you enjoy both of them, and if you have any questions, please contact me!
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8 Responses to So who's it gonna be?

  1. Choice “b.” Three reasons: the cult followings of both Davids is too much to compete with; far more teenage girls watch the show than guys, I’m guessing, so more votes for the boys; the producers picks a crap, crap, crap song for Syesha at the end.

  2. GuessWho says:

    This is gonna be long, but I just have to comment in the David C. “looks department.”

    OK, Rev. Wiseguy, you can’t beat a classic hairstyle (or -styles, as David Cook never quite looks the same way twice). If he could play the Beethoven 3rd Piano Concerto and sing hymns through his nose (hey, I wasn’t a voice major), he could be my time-shift doppleganger at the Samford conservatoire. And he’s even had various stubbly and scruffy things going on with his face, which back in the day was usually a side effect of watching too much “Miami Vice.” Though I don’t think I ever did the soul patch (only) look from earlier in the season. That’s just updated Amish tacky. Features wise, I think I looked slightly more sophisticated and intellectual than he (meaning nerdy), especially when wearing “Harry Potter” glasses. But hey, round frames were in fashion then! So . . .

    Jon Cryer : Matthew Broderick :: GuessWho : David Cook

    Some people, alas, are blessed with bad hair. It’s a condition to be embraced with gusto. It is almost always caused by straight hair, a birdbath-shaped dip in the top of the skull (like Linus Van Pelt has), and about four cowlicks. To this day, I can get my hair styled as if I were a Baptist preacher (do they hand out cans of Consort Hairspray at seminary, or what?) and it backslides to looking like Jimmy Fallon or John Krasinski. So have sympathy.

    Oh, everybody, JATB had a kind of Brian Boitano mullet way back then.

    Why does Seacrest keep looking like a funeral director?

    I should recuse myself, but the final should be David A. vs. David C. Syesha is just plain annoying.

    John, David Cook sort of sounds like one of RR’s “how to scream without losing your voice” rock/pop/theatre students.

  3. I just can’t get into either of the Davids. Archuleta drives me crazy his butchering of great songs, only to be told he was amazing. Cook’s smugness drives me up the wall. I think Syesha is a tremendous talent (it could be all my years on stage that makes me favor her), but I’d rather see her go to Broadway than end up in the MTV world.

  4. RevJATB says:

    Now, now, our own resident David A. who nevertheless looks like David C. (I wasn’t talking about the hair, BTW), in all fairness, I only had the Brian Boitano look for a short while. As Ruthie Wilhite’s hairstyle Guinea pig, I went through several different phases in rapid succession. Lest we forget Gethsemane, there was also the Mick Hucknall of “Simply Red” phase and the British Military Blunt Cut phase (my personal fave, looking back, as it is the least embarrassing). I got that one to play Major General Stanley in The Pirates of Penzance. Of course there was the time I had to grow it out and grow a beard to be the Apostle John in Jesus and the Woman at the Well. That was fun. I looked like Micky Dolenz (provided that Micky really, really needed a shave).

    Matthew Broderick : good call! When I was at SU, I was most often compared to “that guy on My Two Dads” (which being interpreted is, Paul Reiser).

    Having said all that, I’m hoping for David C. to win. I hope he faces Syesha, but I suspect he will be up against David A.

  5. GuessWho says:

    Despite my rapier wit (if I say so myself ), I was generally tired and grumpy, tired of writing, and rude with my Syesha comment last night. I’ll give her some more patient hearings in the remaining shows, if she’s around. Last night she kept loosing me past the middle of each phrase. They’d start well, then she would seem to loose her way (pitch-wise or interpretively) or my attention. But, I’m slightly nuts, anyway, and may have had my ears screwed on crooked.

    Oh, I think I’ve had every one of David C.’s hair looks, either publically or privately upon waking, and the color is about identical. We have a resemblance about the eyes and nose, but I have a pointier chin (when you can find it). And, of course, he seems to be such a nice guy!

    John, I don’t remember your Apostle John beard. Alot of the beards in that production were more greasepaint than hair, if I recall!

  6. Mo says:

    As far as prediction goes, I ain’t gonna touch it.

    As far as preference, I hope it’s Cook and Mercado. Archuleta has a silky smooth voice, but isn’t quite as interesting to watch as the other two.

    I don’t read Cook as smug … I just see him as a little bit quiet … which sometimes comes across as smugness or conceit.

  7. Mo, you could be right. He was picked on for being a bit too quiet and reserved in his videos earlier in the season.

  8. GuessWho says:

    “Loose” for” lose,” how’d I manage that one? 🙄

    Ain’t there no way to edit ’round here? I is litrit. I really is!

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