I think I know exactly who this is.

SU people, read this story.

I think I know exactly who this is.  My roommate had a famous/infamous run-in with him.  I seem to recall a colorful conversation Chip had with him too (do you remember him, Chip?).  We called him “Barney Fife,” for good reason.  But this takes the cake.

Mark, I know you remember him.  Morris, David, any stories to share?


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7 Responses to I think I know exactly who this is.

  1. Rae says:

    Like he needs a gun! And why was he not charged? That sounds like a chargeable offense to me.

  2. GuessWho says:

    I remember that Corts ran off the security staff during a round of budget cuts and contracted out the service with a bunch of yahoos who scared the bejeepers out of students still left in practice rooms when security was trying to close the music building each night at midnight.

    There is a legend that over a weekend a piano was stolen out of a practice room. Where was Barney Fife and his gun then?

  3. PaulB says:

    “Now men, here at the rock we have two basic rules! Memorize them so you can say them in your sleep! The first rule is… obey ALL rules! The second rule is, do not write on walls, as it is very hard to get writing off of walls!”

  4. GuessWho says:

    Nipsey Russell would have been proud of this one . . .

    Had Barney’s bullet pierced
    the Sacred Bubble,
    On thing’s for sure:
    there’d be trouble.

  5. RevJATB says:

    Very nice. Where’s Chip with some stories about this guy?

  6. GuessWho says:

    RATS! My formatting didn’t work and I had a typo for “one.”

    When blogging on Rev John’s site,
    You’d better get everything right.

  7. Mo says:

    I admit (at long last) to total cluelessness on this one.

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