Setting the world straight once again.

OK people, listen up.

It’s Thomas the Tank Engine.? He is not “Thomas the Train,” much less is he “Thomas Train.” It’s really starting to grate.

Your children will grow up very, very confused if you call an engine a train.? An engine cannot be a train:? an engine is an engine.? The train is what the engine pulls.? In other words, it’s what trails or trains behind the engine.? Train.? Get it?? Like the train of a dress.? The dress is not the train.? The train is the part in the back that you pull along.

If you insist on teaching your children to call him “Thomas the Train,” you may as well teach them to call Mickey Mouse “Mickey Polecat,” because Thomas isn’t a train anymore than Mickey is a polecat.

Call him a locomotive if you like.? That’s fine.? But he’s not a train.? He’s an engine.

And a really useful engine at that.

Thank you.


About revjatb

I am a father of six who is trying to do his best! My interests are varied. I have one blog, KnowTea, that is primarily focused on liturgy and worship and another one, Bengtsson's Baking, that is about, well, baking! I hope you enjoy both of them, and if you have any questions, please contact me!
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One Response to Setting the world straight once again.

  1. GuessWho says:

    Somewhere in all this is a saying of Norman Vincent Peale, or Dale Carnegie, or Dr. Phil, or Boxcar Willie such as . . .

    “Let each goal be a coal firing the locomotive pulling your train of success.”

    (For a specifically Dr. Phil bromide, add “personal” in front of “train of success.”)

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