This is so wrong.

I may never watch AI again.? Jason Castro basically thumbed his nose at ALW.? His “I don’t care” attitude must be endearing to someone, but not to me.? He absolutely butchered, no, destroyed “Memory,” and he didn’t care.? ALW, who has been a successful composer for about 40 years, tried to give him advice, which he promptly ignored, and he is rewarded for it?

Syesha and Carly both sang circles around him last night.? No question about it.

Someone please help me understand this.


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3 Responses to This is so wrong.

  1. GuessWho says:

    I have given up trying to figure out the ears of the general public. The most amusing show to me is “Showtime at the Apollo,” where amateurs are booed off stage for the very same warts that the audience will tolerate from the pro acts.

  2. Morris says:

    In the words of my Dad: Some people’s taste is all in their mouth.

    I think Castro is a charming kid who had a big lapse in judgement (the whole week) in deciding whether to take the advice of ALW on the song. I felt that he was anything but polite on Thursday evening (perhaps even all week), but it almost looked like he couldn’t figure out how to be polite. I remember that happening to me on occasion when I was a teenager (heck, it happens sometimes even now).

    I didn’t see Castro’s performance (I was feeding the cat while Dawn was watching on the DVR … and I had to stay outside so the neighbor’s cat didn’t come and eat our cat’s food because our cat is a wussy cat who won’t defend his own territory). I agree he should have been voted off (and given a good haircut), and Carly Smithson should have been kept; but it’s based on the number of votes, not the quality of performance (Syesha won on that basis).

  3. Carly getting voted off was a mystery to me. I like Jason Castro, because I like his laid-back style of music…but how he’s still on that show is beyond me. It has to be his looks, at this point.

    But, come on – you’ll keep watching. Anyone who is still watching after the Sanjaya nonsense of last year doesn’t have any “cross the line” standards left. And yes, I’m among that group.

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