Why do we pray other people’s words?

Sometimes people ask me this question.? There is an assumption that prayer that is extempore is more “heartfelt” and/or “spiritual.”

Garrison Keillor talked about this in an interview with Christianity Today not too terribly long ago.? (Keillor grew up in a Fundamentalist, free-church setting.? He’s subsequently been a Lutheran and now he’s an Episcopalian.)? Alastair quotes at length from this interview and then adds some observations of his own.

If you have ever had questions about this, you need to read this post.? It’s very good.


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One Response to Why do we pray other people’s words?

  1. I found you via my blog rush widget and I’m glad you linked to the GK interview. The contents are very timely in my life right now. 🙂

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