See, it’s not just me.

And this is from eight years ago.

Yes, for those who ask, we will be decorating for Christmas before Christmas, as Advent is a season of preparation.? I wish we had tons o’ lights to put up outside, as Advent is a season of lights (as the author of the above article rightly observes).

But if you’re going to sing “O Come All Ye Faithful” in church on 2 December (I watched the telecast of one church here that did just that), what are you going to have left when Christmas Eve rolls around?? And if you’re going to sing it, at least have the good sense (not to mention good taste) not to sing the stanza that says, “Yea, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning.”?? That should be a clue that the hymn is a hymn for Christmas Eve/Day.? For many (including me), it is the hymn for the Christ-mass:? the processional hymn that welcomes in Christmas.? I’ve always looked forward to singing that hymn on Christmas Eve (all the stanzas, including “see how the shepherds” and “child for us sinners”), with David Willcocks’ descant on stanza 6 (“sing, choirs of angels”) and that glorious alternate harmonization on stanza 7 (the aforementioned “yea, Lord, we greet thee”).? It’s anticlimactic to sing it on Dec. 2.? Yeah, I’m sure you can tune in to the radio and hear Bing Crosby or Eartha Kitt or somebody singing it at any hour of the day or night, but we’re talking about church, and the responsibility of crafting worship for the church.

Would you sing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” on Good Friday?? I didn’t think so.


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7 Responses to See, it’s not just me.

  1. TimmyRalph says:

    Eartha Kitt sang “O Come All Ye Faithful”???? Does she purr at any point in the song? Is it as good as “Santa Baby”?

  2. RevJATB says:

    I actually have no idea if Eartha ever sang that particular song, but her rendition of “Santa Baby” is the quintessential one.

  3. MoDrig3 says:

    I had the most wonderful experience shopping in Target last Friday. There was absolutely NO … repeat NO obnoxious Christmas music playing. NONE. The store was pleasantly, wonderfully calm. I made a point to ask the service desk people to express my appreciation to the manager.

  4. MoDrig3 says:

    There was no music at all … just thought I needed to clarify.

  5. vrouw_jonker says:

    Those descants bring the Jonkers to ubiquitous tears every time.

  6. TimmyRalph says:

    Eartha Kitt=definitive “Santa baby”
    Julie Numar=definitive Cat Woman

  7. TimmyRalph says:

    Sorry, Julie NEWMAR

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