Anglican extremists: can anything be done?

HT to Decently and in Order.

I just had to post this important story from The Daily Shame.? Certain Know Tea readers should be on their guard:? one of the chief culprits in this story is rumoured to be hiding out in Cheltenham!

I for one support strict legislation against this sort of thing.? Will Gordon Brown have the backbone to do what Tony Blair did not?


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8 Responses to Anglican extremists: can anything be done?

  1. TimmyRalph says:

    When I read “Anglican Extremists” and “Cheltenham”, I thought this was a real story about some people I know in town. My thought was, “Oh no! What have they done!?!” Thankfully, I don’t know Valerie Bin-Liner!!!

  2. cancerman says:

    I assumed it was Timmy Ralph.

  3. Sheena says:

    Hahahaha, that is very funny indeed!

  4. TimmyRalph says:

    I’m the Presbyterian extremist in town. We do things decently and in order. Our extremism comes from the ground up, not from the top down. We are grass roots extremists!!!

  5. Sara says:

    Well, in the name of Anglican extremists everywhere, I just have one question for all you infidels:

    Cake or Death?

  6. cancerman says:

    What kind of cake?

    Can you still spot the Presbyterian extremists by their bow ties?

  7. cancerman says:

    I’ve always thought that a good Anglican extremist name would be Ned Barnes-Horn Coddrington. When you asked Ned if he purposely named all his kids for Jane Austin characters he would look at you blankly and say no.

    By the way, have they broken out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?

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