Wasn’t she dead?

Janet Batwoman

OK, for those of you who know, today was extremely, ahem, challenging. Therefore, I do not wish to discuss it at present. Perhaps tomorrow.

What I do wish to discuss is this story that was reported earlier today on Morning Edition.

First of all, either the readers of Batman comics are much older than when I was a Batman subscriber, or they are getting way too much information way too soon. I suspect it’s a little of both.

Secondly, before we can talk about why they are turing Batwoman into a Lesbyterian, can someone explain to me how they brought her back from the dead? Batwoman died over 20 years ago. We’re talking Bat-woman here, people, not Bat-girl. Batgirl was Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon. She was the meek and mild librarian who wore her red hair in a bun and who, when in a Batgirl costume, sported a strategically placed yellow bat on her skin-tight bat-unitard (not that I was looking). She rode the Batgirl cycle. She was often paired with Robin in her crime-fighting activities.

Batwoman was Kathy Kane. Rather than a Utility Belt like Batman’s, Batwoman carried a Utility Purse (I am not making this up). Batwoman was killed off in Detective Comics #485 (September 1979).

So, forget about how she became such an Indigo Girls fan: how did she come back from the dead?


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One Response to Wasn’t she dead?

  1. Mark says:

    I never even knew there was a Batwomyn!!!
    I bet her Batmobile is a Nissan Pathfinder or a Jeep.

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