B’ham Barbecue, Stop 8

Bob Sykes BarB-Q
1927 9th Avenue, Bessemer


Like Andrew’s and Johnny Ray’s, Bob Sykes is a old-timer in the Barbecue business in Birmingham. The first Bob Sykes location opened in the Central Park neighborhood of Birmingham in 1957. By 1977, there were 14 locations all around Birmingham. That is how I came to know about Bob Sykes: there was a location near us in Center Point, and it was some good stuff. However, Mr. Sykes suffered a stroke in 1970, leaving his wife Maxine to run all those restaurants, so in 1977 she closed all of the branch locations and kept only the Bessemer location open. The restaurant is now run by Van Sykes, Bob and Maxine’s son.

In addition to the regular menu items, Bob Sykes is also well known for their family dinners to go: lots o’ good barbecue for not a lot o’ money. And, like so many B’ham barbecue places, they have really good pies: chocolate, pecan, coconut, and lemon.

Bob Sykes has still got it goin’ on!


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4 Responses to B’ham Barbecue, Stop 8

  1. Vrouw_Jonker says:


    Mr. J: Lemon
    Calvin: Pecan
    Frits: Chocolate
    Rosie: Lemon Merin-gwee
    Arie: Chocolate
    Vrouw: Lemon

    That’s all the J’s that are willing to vote at 9:59 pm.

  2. RevJATB says:

    No votes for coconut? I love coconut cream pie. I make a pretty good one too. Banana cream too. I learned how by watching Gilligan’s Island. The tricky part is getting someone to pedal that bicycle to run the mixer.

  3. Vrouw_Jonker says:

    Nyuk, nyuk!
    The children at our house were watching the season finale (I think) of “Lost” the other evening, and, knowing nothing about it, I asked, “Is that sort of like Gilligan’s Island?”
    Then I got a lot of outraged indignation.

  4. RevJATB says:

    They were indignant because you’d struck a chord. When the show first premiered, I said much the same thing.

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