Mr. Matzah

Mr. Matzah

Well, I promised Vrouw_Jonker and TheOnlyMeCow that I would post the Dancing Matzah Ball. I’m getting so old I can’t remember from one year to the next. It’s not a Matzah Ball: it’s a whole matzah (but it’s a sh’murah matzah, which is round, so it was an easy mistake to make). Click on the above link and look in the top right hand corner where it says, “Click here to navigate with Mr. Matzah.”

This is a great site for children.

BTW, sh’murah matzah (meaning “watched” or “guarded” matzah) is the nice, round, handmade matzah usually reserved for ceremonial use at Passover (as opposed to machine matzah, which is mass-produced and square in shape)–check out the sh’murah matzah-shaped “Matzah Fly“. It’s always been interesting to me to note that the sh’murah matzah is the same shape, size, and (pretty much) thickness as the large, scored communion wafer broken by the Celebrant at the Eucharist in many churches. Coincidence?

Read Aquinas on the subject . . .


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I am a father of six who is trying to do his best! My interests are varied. I have one blog, KnowTea, that is primarily focused on liturgy and worship and another one, Bengtsson's Baking, that is about, well, baking! I hope you enjoy both of them, and if you have any questions, please contact me!
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5 Responses to Mr. Matzah

  1. Vrouw_Jonker says:

    Sholem Aleycham! So.Very.Cool. It’s about time John Knox puts on a seder, don’t ya think? Oy! A frum simcha! The spiritual audio-visual benefits would be extensive, I would think. We don’t have to make a big tsimmes out of it. Although one could spend a mint at places like Passover Paraphernalia (I’ve got my eye on such smontzess as the Juggling Matzoh Balls, the Ten Plagues Masks, and the other Motzoh clothing articles) and Ancient Ties.
    Gey gezunterheyt~

    Gey gezunterheyt

  2. TheOnlyMecow says:

    So complex…entertaining, educational…. REVJATB, you could have left some for the rest of us.
    Passover – Candy
    There were no items that matched your request.
    BTW: Saved the Aquinas docs. for future/continued study. Interesting.

  3. TheOnlyMecow says:

    Oopsie. Sorry about the html. I was going for the “candy” link.

  4. RevJATB says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Year before last I headed up a big churchwide seder (we started planning for around 150 and ended up with about 300), which taught me I don’t want to go into the restaurant or catering business full time. But John Knox is a much more workable size for such an endeavor. The timing of it is not great this year (almost a month after Easter). HOWEVER, next year and I believe the year after that as well, it falls on the Wednesday of Holy Week, which is really cool. You can do the Passover Meal one night, and then when you come back the next night for Maundy Thursday, it all clicks into place.

    I agree that it’s a great multisensory teaching/learning experience. Anything with food has to be good! I like the juggling Matzo Balls too. My favorite (that I saw on some site) was the Bag O’ Plagues. Last year (not for 300 people–we had a normal one in the home) I got a bunch of Story of the Exodus stickers for Afikomen presents.

    Apparently, there is a big Kroger in Shreveport (Youree Drive) which has loads o’ kosher products. And then there is always Kosher Cajun down in Metairie, who will ship anywhere.

  5. RevJATB says:

    Mecow, I promise I did not eat all the Passover Candy! But I do love those fruit slices and the dark chocolate covered egg matzos!

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