I propose a universal moratorium on the use of the word “hopefully” until everyone looks it up. (As Inigo Montoya would say, “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”)

In the meantime, why not just say, “I hope”? As Humpty Dumpty said to Alice, “You should say what you mean.”


About revjatb

I am a father of six who is trying to do his best! My interests are varied. I have one blog, KnowTea, that is primarily focused on liturgy and worship and another one, Bengtsson's Baking, that is about, well, baking! I hope you enjoy both of them, and if you have any questions, please contact me!
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16 Responses to Hopefully

  1. TheOnlyMecow says:

    Dear “New” Pastor Bank’s,

    I hope that what follows is what I mean (but not because HD advised Alice correspondingly; have yet to meet a “[cr]edible” egg. Sorry).

    Pseudo-preface: My name is Mrs. Steve (Raonna) Thompson. I live in Austin, TX, with my husband, Steve, our children, Hannah and Seth, and our canine-children, Bella and Lucy. We moved to Austin on August 13, 2004, from Ruston, LA, our “home” for 10 years and residence for 13. We witnessed Brad and Adrienne’s wedding and the birth of their first child, Stephen (Steve, Hannah, and Seth did not literally witness the latter [ask Brad to explain]); the wedding of Ed and Ashley Ducote and the birth of their daughters, Emma Claire and Noelle [none of us literally witnessed the latter]); the ordination and the fare-the-well of John Knox’s most former pastor, Jeff Steel; the…. Thus, it is with immense gratitude, anticipation, humility,..that I greet you, John Knox Church’s (new)pastor. “I’ll be watching you.”

    With the pseudo-preface “above” us, I shall proceed.

    I hope you (will) keep BLOGGING.

    Know that, as the Lord wills, you, your wife, Rae, your children, and your feline, Daisy, will be in my and my family’s prayers hereafter. “Not ‘hopefully’” we’ll meet in person soon.

    In Christ,

    Raonna Thompson

    P.s. Steve says to tell you that you _really should_ update your BLOG photo, as it’s not cool to use Jeff Steel’s photo in place of your own.

  2. RevJATB says:

    Umm . . . that is a picture of me, taken in front of our very own Christmas tree here in Hattiesburg last year.

    Thanks for the kind words of welcome. I hope we get to meet in person one day soon.


  3. TheOnlyMecow says:

    Yeah,..right. I knew I recognized that tree.

    Best regards,

    ST (not Mecow)

  4. RevJATB says:

    It’s actually a picture of the whole family, but I decided just to use my picture on the blog because I’m a little skittish about putting my children’s pictures on public display for all the world to see. Too many nuts out there (of course I am excluding me and thee).

  5. pbankson says:

    I propose a moratorium on the word “irregardless” since it’s not a word.

  6. RevJATB says:

    What about “preventative”? Isn’t it just “preventive”?

  7. TheOnlyMecow says:

    Dear Reverend Banks,

    We Thompsons have a tendency to subject even strangers to our unorthodox (?) sense of humor. I hope Steve’s comment about your BLOG pic didn’t “scare” you. And please pardon me by overlooking my comment to Stephanie Jonker’s post about Daisy. We’re freaks, but harmless. We “forget” that not everyone is as bizarre as we, and thusly just might not appreciate our presumptuousness. Your BLOG posts incited hearty laughter within our household, and in that vein we likely responded in too familiar a manner. Hopefully you won’t hold it against us.

    Best regards, Raonna Thompson

  8. RevJATB says:

    Oh I read your comment to Stephanie aloud. Listen, we’ve lived with enough pretentiousness for the past 10 years that it is so wonderful to be among people who are REAL. People who can joke about “special crack”, people who play the Go-Go’s on their blog site one day and J.S. Bach the next. People who find the humour in “diaper’s at reduces prices.” In other words, people like us. We have lived without this kind of reality for a decade. It’s so nice to be able to talk to people and have them “get” me. That hasn’t happened for a long, long time.

    P.S. Daisy seems quite happy today. She’s getting petted a lot, so that can’t hurt.

  9. RevJATB says:

    Oh yeah, and one more thing . . .

    Raonna, you don’t have to call me “Reverend” Bankson. That “Rev.” honorific is something that looks nice in print, just like “Hon. John Smith” does for a judge, but people don’t run around calling him “Honorable Smith.” I guess it’s unfortunate in that regard that I chose RevJATB as my userid, but I chose that a long time ago and I’m so used to typing it, it would be hard for me to change it. Call me John Allen. Call me John. Call me Pastor Bankson if you like. And by all means call me if some of your Texas friends out there are having a barbecue.

  10. TheOnlyMecow says:

    Dear John Allen,

    AC-TU-AL-LY, I probably should call you “Reverend BANKSON,” since your name is NOT “Reverend/Pastor BANKS.” Gross!!! Suffer me to explain my faux pas. In the South, it is more common for females than males to go by both their first and middle name(s), eg. Mary Katherine, Mary Lou, et al. When a male goes by both his first and middle name(s), an aristocratic air/a formality is oftentimes assigned to/associated with said person (at least initially, particularly when said person is nothing more than a name–being a stranger and all). Anyway, when _I_ first heard your name from Ashley Ducote, I instantly associated it with the character name, “Carlton Banks” (the proper son of a successful atty….), from the late 80’s/early 90’s (I think) sitcom, _Fresh Prince of Bel Air_. It is what the psychios term an associative moment, which, in this case, progressed into a Freudian slip. Clearly, I’m just an idiot wrapped up in a moron. I mean, come on… You got MY name right. The psychios would also want us both to know that there is nothing “wrong” with your name. That my disassociation from actuality is not _your_ fault (nor mine either, more than likely, for that matter). That even though “Carlton Banks” doesn’t go by both his first and middle name(s), the similarity of your last names coupled with the character’s persona was the catalyst for both my association and ensuing error. Again, I’m just a freak, but harmless.

    SO. Moving on…Relieved to learn that we didn’t “scare” you (yet). We are presumptuous, but we really, really did think that you would “get” us since we’d “gotten” you. Glad we’re on the same bizarre page. Glad the Thompsons weren’t too much for ya.

    You know, you could crash the first annual Ducote-Thompson holiday tbh in Aus. There’s bound to be some good bbcue since I won’t be at the grill’s helm.

    Take good care.


    Ps. Very thankful that Daisy is doing so well. I’ve never known a pet for 15 yrs., much less all my life, as your children do. Just a thought, (though maybe not a good one, but)~perhaps getting another cat/kitten now, while Daisy’s still living, would make her passing more bearable for everyone, particularly your children. Having been able to bond with the second cat while still having & loving Daisy might help ease the sorrow (not that sorrow’s a bad thing, you understand). You (all) and she are in our prayers.

  11. TheOnlyMecow says:

    Pss. We have a BLOG, if you’re ever so inclined….


  12. Myster_Ed says:

    JATB and crew crashing the annual DUCOTE-THOMPSON holiday? Sounds like fun but will need only ever be once a year. Since, we know that Ducotes get Thompsons and vice-versa and with the hilarity provided by JATB thus far on this blog and in person I don’t think our lungs and splitting sides could handle more than a very few days a year. I do support such a proposition strongly.

    And if good grilling is in order..Oh, I was thinking whole backstrap marinated and wrapped in bacon, duck breasts stuffed with cream-cheese filled jalapenos and a few mediterranean marinated shrimp for an appetizer. On the side would be some slightly sauted squash, zucc., mushroom, etc. medley and salas served with a nice Shiraz. Oh and I left out the Dos Equis Dark during the grilling process, which I hope takes a long time.

    JATB and crew: please come.

    Thompsons: Drool for a few more months.

    Mr. ED – Where the Wild Things Are

  13. Myster_Ed says:

    Back to Inigo. I quoted his signature line to a duck a few weekends back before I shot him.

  14. RevJATB says:

    Dos Equis Dark, huh? How about Negra Modelo?

    Actually, I’m not that picky. I actually enjoy a nice cold PBR sometimes.

  15. Oh my goodness! Did you expect to have suggestions of side-splitting laughter and such gastronomic wonders mentioned before the eyes of Les Bourgeoisie and not expect to have them be rude and insist that it become a Thompson-Ducote-Bankson-Bourgeois annual get-together? How complete would the laughter be without one half of les bourgeoisie’s laugh, and the other half’s embarassment at such laughter? Then the Lords would be just around the corner also!

    My, it’s a double-edged sword to have good friends who “get” each other! Have to have one big reunion!
    Posted 2/12/2005 at 11:51 AM by lesbourgeoisie

  16. TheOnlyMecow says:

    I’m way-there with ya (excepting the “rude” part, since there can be no “rudeness” between/among us).

    Let’s think through this: The Thompsons “downgraded” to a 1685 sf house. Now, let’s do the math. Four Thompsons, two Thompson canines (one that is larger than the Seacow-Thompson, the Chess-B-Thompson, and nearly [larger than] the Me-cow-Thompson), four Ducotes, two Ducote friends who live in Aus (whom the Thompsons have yet to meet–Chris H. and bride), most likely two Lords (as I suspect they won’t remain “just around the corner” during the first (and otherwise) annual Ducote-Thompson holiday (esp. since ED’s gonna be grilling [while Ashley fries me some eggs]), ?# BanksONs, four Bourgeois(s),…And Steve’s told me on more than one occasion that, “You know, Raonna, you _can_ put too many things in one house;” meaning, every sf of said 1685 sf house is occupied by a piece of furniture. So… Hmm. Well…. The annual Ducote-Thompson-BanksON-Bourgeois-Lord-Holman (spelling?) holiday probably aint gonna happen in Aus. (unless the Holiday Inn up the road reduces its fare to free). BUT, I love the idea (though) of every person mentioned drinking Ripple and PBR together. Love the idea of everyone laughing till their guts hurt. Love the idea of the children doing children-things together. Love…. You know, the annual Ducote-Thompson holiday is (to be) held in Ruston, LA, every other year.

    Miss you Bourgeois(s). Rona

    Ps. Hey there, Rev. BanksON!
    Posted 2/12/2005 at 2:24 PM by TheOnlyMecow

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